Supporter Insight

Supporter Insight is comprised of three main areas:

Database Management and IT support

The Database team is responsible for managing a database of 400,000 records containing information on the University’s alumni, donors, volunteers, and friends. This encompasses a wide range of activity from updating contact details and assisting with alumni queries, to support for mass alumni communications and production and analysis of complex data sets to identify new possibilities for engagement. The team are also responsible for ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act, and providing data for Freedom of Information requests.

In addition, the team provides general IT support to DARO; this includes managing software and equipment needs, delivering training, and inducting new starters.

Fun Fact: Between August 2015 and February 2016, the team helped the University get back in contact with 12,957 alumni whose details had been lost in the years since their graduation. 

Meet the data team

Data-TeamThe data team, Mary and Ciara, are the first point of contact for all alumni that have a question. They support the wider DARO team in data requests and make sure all data is up to date.

What is a typical day like for you?
With the varied queries we receive no day is really the same. However, we always start by managing the enquiry desk. We could be contacting people through Linked In, updating addresses or checking alumni details, creating alumni contact lists or connecting alumni to each other for reunions.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
Mary: I love helping to reunite alumni and solving complex queries. It’s like solving a puzzle.
Ciara: I love being able to help alumni with any questions that they have.

Favourite Hobbies:
Mary: swimming.
Ciara: playing the tuba.

One word to describe my job:

Picture: Ciara (left) & Mary (right)

Gift Administration

The Gift Administration team is responsible for processing and banking all donations received by the University. They provide expert support on all aspects of gift accounting, and work closely with the Finance Office and colleagues across the University to ensure all donations are correctly processed, recorded and recognised. They are also responsible for ensuring PCI-DSS compliance within DARO.

Fun Fact: During the Circles of Influence campaign, more than 10,500 individual gifts were processed by the gift administration team.

Prospect Research

The research team provide accomplished insight into the University’s supporters and networks to support activity within DARO and across the Colleges. They provide in-depth data profiles, modelling and segmentation to assist in project planning and the engagement of new supporters, as well as making recommendations for event attendances and potential industry partners.

The research team are also responsible for carrying out due diligence, both of philanthropic gifts and industry research contracts. The process aims to carry out a complete review of a potential partner to ensure compliance with the University’s Code of Ethics.

Fun Fact: Between August 2015 and February 2016, more than 250 individual research profiles were created for events and fundraising activities in DARO and across the University.


Professional Services