Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for teaching in 2020/21?

What resources are available to help me to prepare for teaching in 2020/21?

The HEFi Support for the Framework for Educational Resilience incorporates the main resources designed to support you in your preparations for teaching in 2020/21. These include a list of recommended core tools for learning and teaching, how to guides and guidance on accessibility requirements, a guidance video on the Universal Canvas Framework (this is the standard model for the presentation of courses within Canvas for the academic session 2020/21) and the Remote Teaching Resource, which contains evidence-based, practical ideas and resources to guide you through the design and delivery of online teaching. 

Additionally, the CAL TALKS resource, contains ideas and support from colleagues across CAL to help you to prepare online delivery in 2020/21.

Assessment and Feedback

My students will be submitting a narrated, pre-recorded presentation, are there any special steps I need to take when setting up the assignment?

HEFi have guidance to run various types of assessment, including pre-recorded presentations. Please consult this guidance prior to setting up your assignment.

The recommended method for pre-recorded presentations is to set up an assignment folder within Panopto for the module (this process is covered in the guidance linked to above), which students will then be able to upload their videos to. Even if students are using Powerpoint, they can still upload to the Panopto folder by exporting it as a video.

Alongside this, you can create a Canvas assignment portal, which allows the students to submit any documents such as a cover sheet, as well as allows grades and feedback to be added.


Can you send me a link to my Canvas course?/Can you add me as a teacher to my Canvas course?

Administrators within your School are looking after this process for all taught modules, please contact them in the first instance.

An external member of staff (e.g. external examiner)/a student from a partner institution is experiencing problems accessing Canvas, how can this be resolved?

If when making an attempt to access Canvas, a message is received stating that the user’s log in does not meet the criteria to access this resource, it is likely that the external person is logged in to Office 365 with their home institution email. They will need to ensure they are logged out of that account and then log in with their ivle account provided by UoB in order to access UoB Canvas. The IT knowledge base has some guidance on this process  


Is it necessary for me install Panopto on my device?

Panopto Capture, the Panopto web recorder, allows staff and students to make recordings without installing the Panopto app on a device.  It can be accessed from within  Canvas. For further information please read HEFi’s guidance on using thePanopto capture web-based recorder.

Please note:  You must have Creator access to the Panopto folder in order to use Panopto Capture. The latest version of Chrome or Firefox browsers on Windows 10, MacOS 10.15 or higher, or the latest ChromeOS is required to run Panopto Capture.

Students have access to Panopto Capture when using the Assignment Folder within Panopto.

Can students use Panopto to create recordings?

Please see the advice on Panopto Capture above.

Can you help with installing Panopto on my university-owned laptop? 

If you are experiencing issues installing Panopto on any of your devices, you should contact the IT Service Desk

I understand that I need to add captions to my Panopto recordings to make them more accessible but how do I go about this?

Panopto will automatically produce captions for your recording, which can assist with enabling your teaching content to meet the Public Sector Bodies (Website and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018. 

For captioning Panopto uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) captions for all videos now uploaded into Panopto. Since they are machine generated they are less than 100% accurate and should be checked for accuracy. For further advice on checking for accuracy please contact us directly.

Further information on working with captions is contained in Unit 6 - Working with Captions resource on the HEFi Learning and Teaching Gateway.


How should I be directing students to access their tutorial record on Pebblepad?

Students should follow the links within their Your Toolkit Canvas course to access their Pebblepad tutorial records. If students use other routes to access their Pebblepad tutorial records they may inadvertently complete records relating to previous years of study. 

My student tells me that they have completed their tutorial record so why can’t I see it?

It is possible that the student may have accidentally completed their tutorial record in last year's record.  Please ask them to follow the instructions above to access this year’s tutorial record.


How do I add external staff (such as external examiners) to Canvas courses?

If you need to add people to Canvas courses who are classed as external to the University (for example, external examiners) you need to request supplementary iVLE accounts from IT Services. This process, which requires an academic sponsor, is directly managed by IT Services and is outlined in IT Services Canvas supplementary iVLE accounts terms and conditions.

Can you help with Resource lists?

The University Library lead on support for resource lists so you should contact them in the first instance, unless your query relates to linking to your resource list within your Canvas Course.

Can you resolve an issue that I'm experiencing with a university-owned laptop?

If you are experiencing hardware issues with your laptop or other devices, you should contact the IT Service Desk



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