Week Four - How you will be studying

In early September, your School will be writing to you about what to expect with regard to the ways in which you will be learning and studying.



There is a range of support available to help you improve and develop your academic skills. Including a series of ‘Advice from an Academic’ films, plus a handy study planning guide.

Study Guide
Study Tips from Academics
Study Support

Study Skills

The way you are expected to work at University can feel very different to how you worked at School or College. You'll be expected to work more independently, and to find resources yourself. You'll also have less contact with the Academics who teach you, and more of your learning will be done outside the classroom which will mean you have to be more self-driven and organised about how you use your time.

Skills4uni: This in depth course about the skills you need for University study has been specially written for students starting at University of Birmingham, and contains lots of support and advice. We'd recommend you take some time to work through it, and also bookmark the page to return to during your studies if you encounter particular issues you need some support with. Skills4uni website.

Tips for your Working Environment

It’s also a good idea to think about the practicalities too, like the environment you might work best in, how you’ll keep things on track and how you’ll stay connected to your course or ask for help when you are working away from University. This Prospects webpage has some useful resources to help you start thinking about this




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