Week Two - Health and Wellbeing

In late August your School will be writing to you about the Wellbeing Officers who work with students within your Department and other sources of support.  

Overview of Wellbeing in the College of arts and Law


Wellbeing offers a confidential and non-judgemental ear if you want to talk to about any anything that is bothering you, or you want to get advice on a particular issue. This can be anything from concerns about managing your workload or issues with housemates through to bereavements or mental health concerns; no problem is too big or too small.

You can access more information about our CAL Wellbeing Team on their Wellbeing pages on the CAL Summer Education Support Gateway including how to contact the Wellbeing Officer(s) that cover your School. Please do make sure you put some time aside to read through the Wellbeing pages.


Personal Circumstances

UoB provide services, events and initiatives to support a wide range of student circumstances. Visit the CAL Summer Education Support Gateway to find out more.

Personal Circumstances on the Summer Education Support Gateway


Professional Services