Declaration of Absence

If you cannot attend teaching sessions then you will need to submit a "Declaration of Absence" either in advance or up to 5 days after a teaching session.

Please download the below "Declaration of Absence" form and submit to the Student Attendance Team.

Declaration of Absence Form

Please be aware that any absence, whether declared or not, will have an impact on your attendance.

Appropriate reasons for declaring an absence are defined according to the University's Codes of Practice. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Absence due to poor health
  • Emergency or last-minute medical appointments (where no alternative was available)
  • A family emergency
  • To attend a job interview (where no alternative date was available)
  • Jury service

The Student Attendance Team may then ask Wellbeing to contact you to offer further support. You can find a list of Wellbeing contacts at the following link:

Wellbeing Contacts

It is your responsibility to inform your tutors of any absences, and it is your responsibility while absent to catch up with any and all work you might miss.

We encourage you to discuss your absence with your Personal Tutor, Supervisor or a Wellbeing Officer, particularly if you are likely to have further absences in the future. 


You can find more information by reading the Student Handbook Guide to Attendance Recording and Monitoring at the link below.

Student Handbook - A Guide to Attendance Recording and Attendance Monitoring


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