Arts and Law: Absences Explained


Information for all students regarding coronavirus

If you have any questions regarding coronavirus and how it may affect your studies, please refer to the FAQ that is being regularly updated for more information.

If you an International Student who will not be on campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, please submit an Authorised Absence form to the relevant e-mail address. Further information can be found here.

If you are an International Student who is not going to be on campus but will be staying in the UK OR if you are a home or EU student and are:
  • Staying at home for up to 7 days due to any symptoms, in particular: a new continuous cough or high temperature, however mild.
  • Self-isolating (14 days period for those who have been exposed to Coronavirus but show no symptoms)
  • Experiencing other concerns relating to Coronavirus, including underlying medical conditions

please apply for an Exceptional Leave Notification.


If you are going to be away from your studies from any period of time then you need to inform the CAL Student Attendance Team. However, there are different types of absence, and it is important you know the differences between them.

Declared Absence

A Declaration of Absence is required for anyone who is planning on or has been absent from their studies for a short period of time.

What is a "Declaration of Absence"?

If you are absent for a short period of time and are not planning on travelling then you will need to declare your absence.

Appropriate reasons for declaring an absence are defined according to the University's Codes of Practice. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Absence due to poor health
  • Emergency or last-minute medical appointments (where no alternative was available)
  • A family emergency
  • To attend a job interview (where no alternative date was available)
  • Jury service

You are not required to submit evidence for your absence if you are declaring it, though if your attendance is affected significantly over the course of your studies you may be asked for more information. It is recommended therefore that you keep copies of any evidence you may have for your absence.

Please be aware that all absences will be entered as "unauthorised", and all absence will impact your attendance.

For more information on Declaration of Absence please visit the Declaration of Absence Intranet Page.


Declaration of Absence Form

Authorised Absence for International Students

An Authorised Absence is required for International Students who are planning on being away from their studies for less than 8 weeks and travelling outside of campus.

What is an "Authorised Absence"?

An Authorised Absence is only applicable for international students. If you are planning on being away from your studies for a short period of time and will be travelling away from campus then you must submit an Authorised Absence request.

You may be required to submit evidence alongside your application, particularly if you will be leaving the country. You can take a maximum of 8 weeks under an Authorised Absence, but all absences will need to be approved.

You must submit your request for absence in advance to the signatory for your school. If you are unsure of whose name to enter as your authorised signatory, please contact your programme/PGR administrator before submitting your authorised absence request.

For more information on Authorised Absences please visit the Authorised Absence Intranet Page.

Where should I send my Authorised Absence form?

Please use the below e-mail addresses when completing your application:


Authorised Signatory: Dr Sheldon Brammall (
Administrator: Dan Hughes (


Authorised Signatory: Dr Maureen Mapp (
Administrator: Dan Hughes (


Authorised Signatory: Dr Ruth Whittle. (
Administrator: Marcus Paragpuri (


Authorised Signatory: Dr Armin Grünbacher (
Administrator: Marcus Paragpuri (


Authorised Signatory: Dr Michael Rush (
Administrator: Marcus Paragpuri (

Please note: Failure to insert the above details correctly will prevent your application from being considered or processed.

Authorised Absence Form

Leave of Absence

This will be agreed between students and members of the Wellbeing Team when an extended period of absence away from studies may be necessary.

What is a "Leave of Absence"?

During your studies you may encounter challenges or difficulties that may compromise your ability to fully engage academically. During these periods an authorised break from studying may be suitable, known as a "Leave of Absence".

A Leave of Absence will be agreed upon as part of a wider discussion with yourself, Wellbeing, and your Personal Tutor. If you feel a Leave of Absence is something you require, then it is important that you initiate that conversation and contact Wellbeing as soon as possible.

You can find Wellbeing's contact information on the Wellbeing Contact Intranet Page.

A Leave of Absence differs from a Declared Absence or Authorised Absence in that it will last for significantly longer, usually several months, and will likely result in deferring your studies until the next academic year.

For more information on Leave of Absence, please visit the Leave of Absence Intranet Page.



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