Harding Space Progress Update

We said we would keep you updated, and last time we explained there was around a month of delays to the project, unfortunately there have been even more complications. This means the building has not yet been signed off as completed by the contractors.  Therefore, the Harding Space will not be open as planned for the start of term. 

This has been caused by a number of small issues pushing the schedule back to beyond the winter break. This will not leave the University enough time to get in, test and set up the space ready for the start of term. 

This also means that some of the teaching scheduled for the Interpretation Suite and Moot Rooms may have to be moved and rescheduled, so please do check your personalised timetables before coming back on campus in January.

We will be working with the project team and contractors to make sure the building is open as soon as possible, but also finished to the highest standard for you. We’re sorry this has happened, but we’re working as hard as we can to open as soon as possible.  

Thanks for your understanding.

(posted 08 December 2017)

If you have any questions or thoughts about the project please contact Adam Goldstone, Guild Education Officer (Education@guild.bham.ac.uk) or Ben Atkins, Student Experience Officer (B.T.Atkins@bham.ac.uk)”


Harding space FAQ

Your student representatives have already been involved in feeding back on the space, and you can see the kind of questions they have asked and the responses from the University:

How many study spaces will there be?

There will be over 200 study spaces with 70 PCs and 70 PC-less work stations.  There will also be 9 study rooms.

When is it likely to be completed and usable?

It is likely to open in January 2018. 

Will there be space suitable for quiet study? Especially for those with specific accessibility needs?

With regard to disabilities, there will be a quiet space on each floor to meet the needs of students who are sensitive to noise and plans have been made in consultation with the Equality Act.  This includes moving the lift to improve access.

If there is a void in the middle, is the space going to be noisy?

With regard to noise, an acoustician has been consulted and the upper floor will be quieter than the ground floor.

Will this use the same room booking system as the Library does for the 9 study rooms?

Yes, this will be the same system the library is currently using.

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