Completing The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

Undergraduate Research Scholarship project 2020

Department of English

Project academic: Dr Rebecca N. Mitchell

Project summary

I am co-editing the final volumes of the Oxford English Texts (OET) edition of the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde for Oxford University Press (OUP). These volumes, Unpublished, Incomplete, & Miscellaneous Works, include—as the title suggests—a wide range of texts, some never before published in a scholarly edition.

As part of my summer 2020 tasks for this project, I will be completing editorial work on Wilde’s epigrams and finalising an extended bibliography and critical introduction to the wide-ranging spurious works published under Wilde’s name: the ‘dubia’. Taken together, these portions of the volume offer fascinating insight into often-overlooked (and understudied) corners of Wilde’s oeuvre, one which most students will not have had the opportunity to explore.

What you will do 

  • Learn the processes of oral and textual transcription and collation, essential foundations of textual editing; become familiar with Wilde’s (quite readable) handwriting
  • Collate manuscript material with transcriptions to verify the accuracy of the typescript
  • Cross-reference multiple manuscripts for repetitions or allusions
  • Ensure transcription and reference formatting is consistent with the edition’s style guide

Skills required

  • Scrupulous attention to detail and a keen eye for parsing handwriting
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Strong command of academic English and MS Word
  • Curiosity and perseverance

How will the project benefit you?

The scholarship holder will learn a great deal about textual editing practices and—moreover—about Wilde’s work and its (often tangled) publication history. The student will also expand and refine his/her research and sleuthing skills, especially through work with nineteenth-century journals and newspapers. These skills will be enormously beneficial—and marketable—for students seeking to continue their academic studies or wishing to enter the job market.


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