Psychology of Religion

Undergraduate Research Scholarship project 2020

Department of Philosophy / Department of Theology and Religion

Project academic: Dr Carissa Sharp

Project summary

Have you ever wanted to get a peek into how research psychologists find out about people’s beliefs and attitudes about religion? In this undergraduate research project, you will be investigating the psychological processes that contribute to people’s identification with religion and/or science, and their perceptions of the relationship between science and religion.

This project is linked to the “Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum – Global Perspectives” research project, in the Science and Belief in Society Research Group.

What you will do 

  • Participant recruitment
  • Run experimental psychology stud(ies)
  • Collate/clean dataset
  • Summarize the demographics of the sample
  • (If possible) conduct basic statistical analyses on dataset

Skills required 

This project does not require any pre-existing knowledge.  However, knowledge of Excel and SPSS, and basic statistical knowledge would be useful.

How will the project benefit you?

  • Develop knowledge of how psychological research is conducted
  • Practical experience of multiple stages of carrying out a psychology of religion research study
  • Practical experience of Excel and SPSS, and if possible basic statistics

Where now?


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