Project IndiActs

Undergraduate Research Scholarship project 2020

Department of Philosophy 

Project academic: Dr Wouter Peeters

Project summary

Often people would like to take action to tackle global problems such as climate change and, but they say that they don’t know what to do about these problems, or don’t have time to look up information, … The aim of the project is to reduce these epistemic limitations and make it easier for people to take actions. Specifically, we will create a website ( with very practical, bite-sized (but comprehensively researched) tips and suggestions to contribute to a better world. 

For now, the project will focus on environmental sustainability and poverty alleviation. Possible themes include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • How to take simple actions to reduce energy consumption in one’s home
  • How and why to invest in nature conservation projects
  • Which brands provide socially and environmentally sustainable fashion (and other) items
  • Why and how to offset one’s greenhouse gas emissions

What you will do 

The researcher will develop the three layers of one or more themes, which will be determined  discussion with the holder, depending on their interests. More specifically, the following activities are envisaged:

  • Researching the theoretical background on the chosen theme(s) (including some ethical literature and internet sources) and developing this information into an attractive and accessible format to be included on the website as a “theme-page” (layer 3)
  • Researching specific brands/organizations/activities/… and developing these into IndiActs (layer 1) as well as providing the rationale for these recommendations (layer 2)

In addition, the researcher will support the project by the following more general activities:

  • Contributing to the social media strategy of the project by helping to set up social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and their outlook
  • Researching and liaising with other organizations and initiatives with similar aims

Providing input in brainstorm sessions regarding other themes and IndiActs

Skills required 

Essential requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of (global) ethics is essential
  • Personal and/or theoretical interest in themes of global ethics, such as those mentioned above
  • Excellent digital literacy (excellent skills in operating search engines and critically evaluating information and sources)
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Ability to collect and organize information

Highly desirable skills:

  • Creative writing skills (and being creative in general)
  • Experience with social media, vlogging, pod-casts, meme-generators

How will the project benefit you?

The Project will offer the following learning opportunities to the Scholarship holder:

  • Knowledge development: the holder will enhance their knowledge about one or more global issues (for example, the themes mentioned above). This includes theoretical knowledge as well as, crucially, insight regarding practical applications of ethical theories
  • Research communication: the holder will gain experience in communicating theories and research to a lay audience
  • Information management: the holder will develop their skills in managing the information and data encountered

These skills will be developed through supervision by the project proposer. Moreover, the CAL Research Communications Manager has agreed to provide support regarding research communication (including social media).

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