1-1 English is a free bookable service which offers all undergraduate and postgraduate international students whose first language is not English a confidential, 30 minute, individual  tutorial.  The aim of these tutorials is to teach and advise you so that you can improve your spoken or written English. You can focus on any aspect of your English.  In a writing session we can look at grammar, vocabulary,  academic style and organisation. In a speaking session we can work on pronunciation, word and sentence stress and give advice on self-help resources available online.

What happens during a 1-1 English tutorial?

During your 30 minute consultation you will be able to ask questions about any aspect of your English. This could be a piece of your writing such as a few pages from an essay, report or thesis. The tutor will comment on the main issues, e.g. grammar, vocabulary, academic style, organisation, and  will discuss with you how you could improve them.  Please note that we will be teaching and advising you, not proofreading your work. Please come prepared with examples and questions. 

When and how do I make an appointment?

The Summer term appointments are available from the 9th April to 31 August 2018. 

Appointments are held in the Main Library 1st Floor Appointment Room 4 (R30 on the campus map

To book an appointment  Monday to Friday, use our online booking calendar http://meetme.so/1to1english

If you have any questions please contact us on:


What if there are no free appointments?

Additionally, we have drop in AskEnglish! sessions.

These sessions require no advance bookings - you simply turn up and speak to a tutor. More information can be found on Canvas.