Independent methods of practising your English

In addition to the many ways that BIA formally supports international students, you may be interested in the following methods of developing your English language skills more independently. We do not run these services ourselves, but some previous students have recommended them to us.

Visit a British host family

A weekend in a British home in a family environment can help you learn more about British culture during your time in the UK. The University will pay a subsidy for your first visit using the HOST scheme (run by a charity outside the University).

Join a Guild of Students society

Getting involved in a student group or volunteering can be an excellent way of speaking more English at the same time as meeting like-minded people or learning a new skill. Find further information on  the University of Birmingham Guild of Students' website.

Conversation Exchange Scheme

Exchanging conversation with a native speaker of the language you are studying is often an effective way to improve your speaking skills. The University's Languages For All department runs the Conversation Exchange Scheme

Collage of EISU insessional students