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The 12th University Teaching and Learning Conference will take place on Tuesday 23 June 2015 in Muirhead Tower on the Edgbaston Campus. This is the University’s annual event to celebrate, showcase and disseminate the wealth of good practices in teaching and learning across the University.

The main conference theme is The Student Experience, and the day will feature invited contributions from pioneering academics both within and beyond the University. The topics and speakers are:

  • Student engagement and collaboration: Dan Derricott, from Lincoln University, the CAL Student Experience Team, and Dr Graham Timmins (CoSS).
  • Inclusive curriculum: Dr Helen May from the Higher Education Academy, Dr Karl Nightingale (MDS) and Drs Nicola Gale and Nicki Ward (CoSS).
  • Personalised learning and learning analytics: Dr Bart Rientes from the Open University.

There will also be open presentation and poster sessions for colleagues and students to share their own educational innovations in any field, as well as plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate about the issues raised.

Proposals for presentations and poster sessions that were received by the deadline are being compiled into the programme, which will be published soon.


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