Lectern logins

For the past two years we have been moving to complete compliance with the requirements of the University's internet supplier - JANET: The Joint Academic Network - with regard to generic or anonymous logins. From 1 July 2014 it is impossible to log in to any lectern PC maintained by LRAT with the old 'user' generic login. We have discussed alternatives with IT Services and we jointly recommend that visiting lecturers are given associate accounts.

Associate accounts have several advantages over guest logins:


  •  the user can change the password to one of their choice
  •  the username is more memorable
  •  they last for longer 

We recommend that they are applied for at least two weeks before the first day of use. Applications are made online through the IT ServiceDesk. Click on ‘Make a Request’ and select ‘Associate Request’ under the ‘Account Management Service’ category. After setup the visiting lecturer or other guest user will need to contact the IT Service Desk for their password.

College IT staff have created guest logins for each school. These expire at the end of each term. They will be issued by School IT staff.