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Skype is a home-consumer product for making video calls to other Skype users.A standard, free Skype account is suitable for camera plus audio communication on a one to one or multiway basis, where quality and assurance is not important..

A premium Skype for Business account, which is a subscription-based service available to any user at their own expense, can be used for group screen sharing of desktops and for muliway linkups. It is however based on Lync being available on the corporate domain at either end of the conversation (and is not available here)

Users are responsible for creating their own Skype user account which is essential for using the software. LRAT does not maintain a Skype user account for staff or clients.

LRAT does not support Skype at all but we can hire out USB cameras and microphones configured for the platform. LRAT staff will only set up the equipment and cannot offer any assistance in case the link breaks down.

We stronly recommend against using Skype for critical meetings such as recruitment interviews or viva-voce's.






Anybody with a University of Birmingham mail account can register for and use v-scene for one-way or multi-way connections. Inter-personal desktop (that is use without the use of our room-based conference systems) is unsupported by LRAT. However, it is quite straightforward to use and users should register one working day before setting up a connection.

Register to use v-scene

After registration you will be taken on a virtual tour of the v-scene interface.

LRAT sometimes uses v-scene for the remote guest of a video-conference which uses our room-based video-conferencing equipment. For example, this might be that the remote guest is unable to find a convenient and affordable video-conferencing venue .The remote user - the v-scene guest - has to be able to follow detailed instructions (emailed sometime before the conference takes place) at the start of the conference.

Tasks for a v-scene guest

  • Establish that they have the rights to install software on their PC or Mac.
  • Have a working webcam and microphones with noise-cancelling speakers or headphones.
  • Keep the instructions email generated at the time of booking (from
  • Click on the attached VCS file to add the appointment to your Outlook (and possibly other sorts of) calendar.
  • Open the email at the beginning of the conference (and not before), confirm their email address and then install a browser plugin if requested.

A typical invitation email looks like:

A typical v-scene invitation



























It is the first link that should be clicked to access the conference and install the software. The links are diferent for each conference - the links in the example above will not work for you!

If you are the v-scene guest and you believe that you can't follow the instructions - perhaps because you do not have rights to install software - then contact the conference organiser.