About the TEL Hub


Our Mission 

The TEL Hub exists to support a University-wide network of professionals and academic partners developing excellence in TEL across our communities.

Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy

The TEL Hub aligns itself with the Education Strategic Framework. It seeks to holistically embed and develop excellence in TEL across the University and support the work of the Colleges and Corporate Services in delivering the Education Strategic Framework in their local setting.



Alignment with the University of Birmingham Strategic Framework 2015-2020: "Making Important Things Happen".


A key part of the TEL Hub Strategy is to work holistically with partners across the University to evaluate and encourage the take up of innovative teaching tools and techniques and to establish and sustain a Professional Development Gateway for Teaching and Learning.

Professional Development Gateway for Teaching and Learning

The Professional Development Gateway for Teaching and Learning offers a portal to support academics in their use of innovative teaching, learning and assessment strategies through a suite of professional development modules. The training and support for this is available online via webinar, through face-to-face training in a local setting, and supported via online discussion forums.


Support for the University VLEabout-us-promo

We support:

  • Canvas - the University's virtual learning environment;
  • Turnitin - online marking and feedback and plagiarism detection;
  • Turning Point - electronic voting and audience response system; 
  • Panopto - lecture / event capture. 


TEL Hub Structure

View our structure chart for more information on the TEL Hub and to find out who looks after your part of the University.

Partnership and Development Managers

The Partnership and Development Managers working in the Colleges play a key role in the new structure to help disseminate information and gain feedback from academics and the student community and Colleges around TEL activity.

This partnership model will facilitate improved communication to and from key partners and Colleges, greater collaboration, responsiveness, and sharing of good practice to provide a more consistent, coherent approach to TEL across the University and an outstanding student experience (whether on or off campus).

Our Partners

The TEL Hub works collaboratively with academic and professional services partners from across the University. Our partners include: