Update on ResponseWare for the academic year 2016-17

We will continue to use TurningPoint 5 until summer 2017. Please do not install version 7 at this stage.

This year, we have an unlimited number of instructors with 500 users each, so there will be no capacity issues.

As part of the process of renewing our licences, we will be moved to the EU server.

You will get an email from Turning Technologies asking you to create a new password as you will be on a different server.

You will also need a different URL to create a ResponseWare session instead of rwpoll.com: https://responseware.turningtechnologies.eu/responseware

This URL will be needed when you log in to create a ResponseWare session in TurningPoint. Click Change, then enter this URL.  You only need to do this once on your computer, but please check the URL is correct in teaching rooms.


There is a short URL that can be used by students to participate in a ResponseWare poll: https://responseware.eu

We recommend that students use the browser not the App.