TEL help for staff


Professional Development Gateway for Teaching and Learning

The Professional Development Gateway for Teaching and Learning offers a portal to support academics in their use of innovative teaching, learning and assessment strategies. The Gateway includes professional development modules covering Introduction to Canvas, Building a Canvas Module, Online Marking in Canvas, Interactive Voting Tools, Event Capture with Panopto, Quizzes in Canvas and Use of Resource Lists .

TEL Hub Helpdesk

Please contact the TEL Hub Helpdesk if you have any TEL support issues, problems, or requests and we will get back to you with advice and guidance.

Canvas Admin

Access the Canvas Admin site for staff.


The TEL Hub offers a suite of face-to-face training courses, one-to-one training sessions, and bespoke delivery in a local setting.

Canvas Community

Find answers, share ideas, and learn how to use Canvas by asking questions to the rest of the community.

Canvas Commons

Canvas Commons is a public learning object repository. Canvas Commons enables you to find and import shared public resources, and to share resources but only within the University of Birmingham. Please ensure that you are aware of the copyright implications of sharing or importing material in this way.

Canvas Release Notes

Canvas is an agile environment, meaning new features and updates are released as often as every three weeks. 

Adobe Connect User Community Learning Centre

The Learning Centre includes general information about how to use Adobe Connect and links to many of the complementary tools developed for Adobe Connect end users, administrators and developers.