Book a room (teaching events)

Checking availability

Find out if a room is booked by using the booking search facility. The search facility allows you to search by department, location (room name) or module.


Bookings (individual)

Contact your Timetabling Contact via telephone or email, or email

You must provide the following information when requesting a booking:

  • Date (for a single event) or day and week number - please see our Key to Weeks (PDF 17KB) if you are unsure of the week number.
  • Start and finish time - please note all bookings must be made on the hour.
  • Preferred room or building - we will do our best to accommodate your wishes; however, if we are unable to do so, we will try to find you a suitable alternative.
  • Group size - this will ensure that you are given a suitable room and is essential for space charging purposes.
  • Banner code and course title - this will allow the module to be found more easily on the web.
  • Equipment - any specific equipment needed for the booking
  • Undergraduate or Postgraduate - this will ensure that the booking shows on the appropriate level timetable on the web.
  • Lecturer - if it is an external lecturer we will need a contact name and telephone number.

Please note that there is no eating, drinking or smoking in any of the centrally managed teaching rooms.

Teaching bookings (timetabled)

All bookings to be shown on the main timetable should be submitted via your School / Department timetable contact by the advertised deadline. For further information please see the timetablers information page. Please note that there is no 'first call' on rooms - sessions are roomed according to suitability.

You may indicate a preferred building but when submitting requests please indicate the type of room and equipment that you require.  This will help in finding the most appropriate room for your needs.

Medical School bookings

Medical School room bookings should be made via the College of Medical and Dental Sciences Communications and Timetabling Office.

Conferences and external events

To book a conference or external event you will need to speak to venuebirmingham (telephone number 0121 415 8400).  They will inform you of any charges that may be incurred and will liaise with the Room Bookings Team to organise rooms for you. venuebirmingham will require information regarding size and location as well as equipment you may require.

Please note that teaching takes priority over conferences, so during term time the rooms available might be limited. See the venuebirmingham website for further information.

Charging information

If your booking is for a undergraduate or postgraduate teaching event it will not incur a charge; all other events may be subject to a charge. If you would like further advice please contact us for specific costings.


Cancellations should be made by email or by contacting your room booking contact direct.

Bookings outside of standard teaching hours

The teaching day is accepted as being 09.00-19.00 Monday - Thursday, 09.00-18.00 Friday with the exception of Wednesday afternoons (after 13.00). See guidance for schools on Wednesday afternoon timetabled teaching.

Some buildings are available for use outside the normal teaching day. All bookings outside of the normal teaching day may require Security to be present or to have the rooms specifically opened and locked for them. If this is the case then Security will charge for this service. For more information contact Security.

If you would like to make a room booking for an evening or the weekend, you may on some occasions incur a charge for porters / cleaners.