HighHealth - Ashley Jones

HighHealth is a Sports and Fitness start-up business which offers users online workouts and programmes tailored specifically to help users achieve their fitness and health goals. The business has been created by University of Birmingham Sports and Exercise Science graduate, Ashley Jones. 

HighHealth is a start-up created by University of Birmingham graduate Ashley Jones

Ashley's story

I came up with the idea of HighHealth after I did some research into the home workout industry. I couldn't find a competitor that offered personalised workouts and focused on the long-term success of its subscribers. This business is designed for workout lovers who want long lasting results, without having to pay for a coach. Subscribers simply take a questionnaire, and the website will produce a programme tailored to their goals, fitness levels and enjoyments.

Each programme will show you a long-term plan that will guide you to the goals at the correct pace. Each workout is available in video format so you can follow in real time. In addition, HighHealth helps with goal setting and the nutritional side, both of which are very important for the long last fitness results. We are available 7 days a week for all subscribers if you ever need any help with anything fitness or nutritional related. 



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