Authentin - Munieba Khalil

Authentin is a candle-kit social enterprise created by Munieba Khalil which actively supports local mental health charities in Birmingham. After completing a degree in Nuclear Science and Materials in 2019, Munieba joined the nucleargraduates scheme - which helps graduates from the nuclear sector develop and grow, specifically through work placements and encouraging graduates to launch their own businesses with support from industry.

Authentin Candle Kit start-up

Munieba's story:

Authentin is a business selling candle-making kits, with 100% of the profits going to our mental health charity partner, The Mosaic Clubhouse. We offer 3 scent varieties for our candle making kits, these are 'Coming Home' (a warm, vanilla scent which provides a moment of comfort and familiarity), 'Being Together' (a cinnamon-orange scent which evokes a festive moment, the season of family and friends) and 'Starting Fresh (a rose and germanium scent which embodies the season of spring, providing a moment of freshness, of new beginnings and of revitalisation). By centring our candle-kits around the moment of creating the candle, we hope to encourage our customers to adopt a healthier mind-set, one of embracing the little things in life and reclaiming time for themselves.

My team and I started Authentin as part of the nucleargraduates scheme. It's a really unique scheme and is sponsored by a number of companies within the nuclear sector including Rolls-Royce, Sellafield, Magnox, Jacobs and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. The scheme itself allows graduates to work on multiple secondments within the industry. I spent my first two secondments at Rolls-Royce as an additive manufacturing engineer and core design engineer. I’m currently within the Nuclear Medicine department at Russell Hall Hospital in Dudley, so we’re given a lot of flexibility in that sense.  



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