Buckt - Daniel Bridgewater

Buckt is a business created by University of Birmingham alumnus Daniel Bridgewater which offers a mystery box activity subscription service. Customers can subscribe for the service and receive activity boxes which include a mx of physical activities, digital entertainment, online courses and entertainment. The service is split into two parts offering home entertainment through 'Buckt Home' or mystery tickets for local events as part of 'Buckt Go'.

Buckt is a business created by UoB alumnus Daniel Bridgewater

Daniel's story:

Daniel created the business in 2017 after coming out of a long term relationship and decided to write a bucket list of things he had always wanted to try. The business idea developed from his own bucket list and he was inspired to create a platform to encourage others to try new things and unusual activities with a surprise element. He developed the business model and he has worked with 200 business providers around the Birmingham area, more recently expanding the business to Manchester.



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