Leaarn Ltd - Jack Francis and Tom Willetts

University of Birmingham (UoB) students Jack Francis (MSc Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robots) and Tom Willetts have created an online platform which generates maths questions to help school children learn.

Leaarn provides unlimited custom maths resources for teachers, parents, and tutors, via question generators. The generators create a worksheet containing questions chosen by the user, which is supplied to them as a PDF. All questions generated are designed from the English National Curriculum for Maths, and we currently cover the entirety of KS1 and KS2, with plans to make question generators for senior schools as well.


Jack and Tom's story

Jack: I came up with this business idea because I remembered when I undertook any maths exam in school, I always ran out of resources to practice on. The teachers often didn't have enough resources, and couldn't find more. This led me to realise that my business partner and I could develop a system whereby a teacher could create as many worksheets as they needed, each with unique questions.

Using our knowledge of programming we were able to develop Leaarn, which can create a limitless number of unique worksheets. We first began developing Leaarn about 6 months ago, and have got our product ready for market. We had advice from the B-Enterprising Start-Up manager Mohammed Ali which was motivating and led us in the correct direction for marketing our product. Further, the informal advice sessions have been helpful, as it let us get knowledge from other founders within the University, as well as share what we have learnt also.

Starting our business has given us the creative freedom in how we go forward. It also gives us both the opportunity to be our own boss, as well as knowing that we can directly have a positive impact in boosting children's education. 


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