Mic Drop - Joseph Chotard

UoB Computer Science student Joseph Chotard and Loughborough University graduate Josh Garwood have teamed up to create a new start-up, which aims to connect public speakers with event organisers.

Mic Drop is a business created by Joseph Chotard

Joseph Chotard's story:

Mic Drop is an online independent speaker directory. We help speakers collect real audience feedback which enables event organisers to make informed buying decisions and speakers to gain more sales. Mic Drop has thousands of speakers with various fields of expertise on our platform. These speakers can create profiles for free and collect reviews at events further building their reputation.

If someone is looking to organise an event, they can just go to the Mic-Drop website, find some amazing speakers and directly enquire about them without ever having to leave the website. Josh and I decided to combine our passion for public speaking and entrepreneurship to build Mic Drop as an all-inclusive solution for speakers and event organisers. The idea initially came from Josh when he was booking speakers for Accenture's Innovation Centre.



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