Papi Organic - James Platt

Papi Organic Supermarket is a company created by friends James Platt and Wayne Taylor, with a vision to create an organic and zero waste supermarket chain. James Platt graduated from University of Birmingham in 2020 with a Masters in Environment, Development and Politics and now has plans to open a supermarket in Chester with business partner Wayne.

Papi Organic is a supermarket chain created by James Platt and Wayne Taylor

James Platt's story

Papi Organic was born with the idea that we wanted to create the UK's most eco-friendly supermarket chain. You see the odd organic shop dotted around the country but even if you have one of these near you, they don’t stock everything you need. We want to, simply, give shoppers the best supermarket experience, but with every single product being eco-friendly.

My friend Wayne had the original idea for Papi Organic and we partnered together because of my expertise in a few key areas. We are currently in the funding stage of the business and approaching key investors wanting to help make a change to the ordinary. 


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