Weeb Express

Weeb Express is an an online retailer which celebrates the world of anime and it was founded by Materials, Science and Technology graduate Wing Hang Leung. The start-up offers a range of products from key chains, posters, figurines and plush toys. Most of them are imported from suppliers in Asia and sold in the UK.

Weeb Express is a start-up created by Wing Hang Leung

Wing Hang Leung's story:

I have always been a big anime fan since I was little. I joined the Anime and Manga Society at UoB and met many anime fans with similar interests. Throughout the three years at university I could tell that the anime community is growing in the UK from the increasing number of our society members every year. Anime fans love to collect merchandise of their favourite character or series and there's certainly a high demand for that. 

I am an experienced figurines collector myself and I sell some of my collections on Facebook Marketplace sometimes. I always had an idea of starting an anime business myself since I want to work in something I am passionate about. 


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