B-Enterprising Boot Camp video transcript

Title: B-Enterprising Boot Camp video
Time: 2:48

Break new barriers

We're looking for imaginative ideas that really make a difference. This is not a business challenge, this is a creative ideas challenge.

We had 1-3 ideas and it was midday on Sunday and we had to present the idea Monday evening. We went from having three completely conflicting ideas to really streamlining a winning idea by the end of Monday.

It's more about creativity and then viability.

I found it really exciting. I'm out of my comfort zone completely - this is new to me. It's good to be put out of your comfort zone, it makes you realise that you can do so much more that what you're doing at the moment.

Don't feel like you have to be an entrepreneur to come; don't feel like you should have that business mind-set, because you will shock yourself. Be open-minded to the whole idea of it and have some fun really. I feel like it's brought out a more creative side to me.

The best research comes from teamwork.

We've got such a wide diverse group that are working here today, and everyone has unique and special ideas.

This is all about instinct. At the moment, you don't know anything about these challenges because there is a whole world to research out there.

My favourite part of Boot Camp is meeting new people. In just a few days we have developed a really strong friendship. It has been an amazing experience; it is not very long, you have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. It is very pressurising but we get a lot of support from team members.

I'm David Hall, I'm from Virgin Money and I'm the director of future generation banking, which means I'm developing propositions for the generations of the future. We got involved sponsoring the challenges, helping the groups working towards some of the things they were trying to achieve to meet those challenges. This year we've decided to take it to the next level, so working with the team here at the University of Birmingham we've developed a much more integrated approach between what we're trying to do in developing new propositions for students and the whole start-up Boot Camp idea.

Join in if you're thinking about careers for next year. The reason why I've decided to do it today is because I want to be able to talk about things in an interview - so, a challenge I face; the opportunity; speaking in front of people; being a team leader, and it's really given me that.

The most important thing about university is that you will learn about yourself, and that is what you will benefit from with this so why not. Do it, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity; a great starter for you to embark on a great career.

I have never done enterprise business before in my life because I come from a science background, and I did it and I can honestly say I've had such a great time, I would definitely recommend it.

So where does your idea stand? Come and join us!


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