How employers can get involved with B-Enterprising

Whether you’re a small start-up, or a big corporation, the B-Enterprising team has something to offer for all range of organisations.

Engage with the university's most innovative students

Collaborative partnerships

Collaborative partnerships are an ideal way of raising your profile with high-calibre students for soft recruitment, student marketing and provoking new thinking on your industry challenges. We work closely with a range of partners on events throughout the year.

Boot Camps, hackathons and challenge-based experiences

Our B-Enterprising Boot camp is an intensive three day challenge, where students work together in multi-disciplinary teams to sovle social and business challenges set by our partners or ourselves. It is a proven and effective way for companies to directly engage with the most enterprising students at the University of Birmingham. 

In previous years we have collaborated with companies such as Virgin Money and IBM to headline Boot camp. For Virgin Money, partnering with Careers Network provided them the opportunity to promote and gain invaluable student insight into a new product that was being launched, as well as recruit outstanding students for roles as product ambassadors and internship roles.

David Hall

Director of Future Generation Banking at Virgin Money

“We do these all around the country and this is the best one”

We can also work with you to develop bespoke hackathons and other challenge based initiatives to suit your needs.

Find out more about Boot Camp here

University of Birmingham Start-Up Incubator - UoB Elevate

Located at The Exchange building in Birmingham City Centre, UoB Elevate is an incubator and business growth programme for University of Birmingham students and graduates. Through this initiative, our students are helped to develop their own ventures, supporting them to create possibilities beyond established graduate routes.

Find out how you can get involved with UoB Elevate.

Learn about the UoB Elevate businesses.

Inspire Our Students

Business Mentoring

Support students and their ventures in reaching their full potential by mentoring in our pioneering incubator programme. You can also mentor students who are not ready for incubation but are still interested in start-up or freelance.

Find out more about mentoring our students here

Solving your business challenges

Do you have a business challenge which could benefit from blue-sky thinking or expert analysis?  Our students can provide the original answers you need, using your real life problems for dissertations, extra-curricular activities or curriculum based challenges.

If you are interested, please fill in the Business interest form and we will be in touch shortly.

Offer prize money

Support and inspire the University’s innovative talent by offering prize money for entrepreneurial talent.

If you are interested, please fill in the Business interest form and we will be in touch shortly.

Recruit our students

Founders Club - Coming soon

Hire our students, offer your services and propose business partnerships to members of our new Founders Club.

The Founders Club is a dedicated service for students and graduates who have started their own businesses, offering tailored support and inviting collaboration and investment opportunities.

Impact Internships

Looking for interns to work for your company? Grow your business by tapping into a pool of students and graduates who want to make an impact. Find out more about Impact Internships.

Contact the B-Enterprising team

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