Enterprise in your Curriculum

Enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, mind-sets and behaviours are for everyone – not just for those wanting to start a business! Innovative modules have been developed which help you gain experience of solving problems creatively and giving you the opportunity to 'turn your ideas into action'.

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The work we are undertaking with the Enterprise Team seeks to empower students to become successful innovators and influencers, and thereby to be able to shape the world they live in… and to find new ways of applying knowledge creatively
Professor Diana Spencer, Dean of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences, Professor of Classics

How do we do this?

From Biomedical Science to English (and everything in between) we keep your subject at the core of what we do, providing you with a unique opportunity to gain experience of working on real-world challenges relevant to your interests where your solutions can make a real difference whilst developing relationships with a fantastic network of organisations.

We work with the following organisations:

Employer Partners

Enabling you to surpass your own expectations and build your confidence in taking the risks needed for you to succeed and flourish, enterprise modules have proved extremely popular with those looking to add to and enhance their CVs – it’s no wonder that we’ve seen increased employability in those that have taken enterprise options.

School of Biomedical Sciences - From the lab to the marketplace

Enterprise in the CUrriculum

Case Studies

Heather Jenkins - Reckitt Benckiser Chemistry Challenge

Heather Jenkins is a University of Birmingham Chemistry student who spent a year in industry working with Reckitt Benckiser. Heather is launching the RB Chemistry Challenge aimed at students looking to secure an industrial placement and follow in Heather's footsteps.

Read the full story here

Heather Jenkins, RB Chemistry Challenge

Working with Google Digital Garage

University of Birmingham students have been benefitting from the university's partnership with Google Digital Garage with training sessions aimed to help with digital literacy, website creation, marketing and networking skills.  The Google Digital Garage programme is based in Birmingham City Centre and students have visited the New Street premises to get online training and also (partnered with Careers Network) receive training about networking with SME's.

This story featured in the Birmingham Mail on 15 March 2018 - See the full story here

Google Digital Garage Birmingham

Liberal Arts and Sciences Entrepreneurial Modules

Enterprise Educator, Helen Hook worked in partnership with Liberal Arts & Sciences, to design the 'Learning Entrepreneurial Skills' and 'Entrepreneurial Start Up' modules.  In groups, students have designed innovative solutions to help tackle live problem statements provided by Digital Birmingham, who are part of Birmingham City Council’s Strategic Services Directorate working in Information, Technology and Digital Services. The module brought together a range of external partners who helped to provide a truly transformation learning experience for the students including Digital Birmingham Google Digital Garage, IBM, Entrepreneurial Spark, Packt Publishing, BizzInn, Blue Sky Consulting, Cultiv8, School of Code, HGF, Midven, IT Innovation. 
Find out more information about the Liberal Arts and Science module here

External Partner feedback


Joe Trodden

Enabler, Entrepreneurial Spark

“In my role with Entrepreneurial Spark I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and it was amazing to see the progress that the teams made during their time on the module. It was more than I’ve seen some full time entrepreneurial teams do! Helen put in a huge amount of effort to source diverse, industry based speakers which clearly had an impact on the different aspects the students were then able to bring into their work. The students were so engaged and energised at final presentations, they delivered very credible pitches from what was a total standing start just a few months ago. Helen, Mircea and the team deserve thorough congratulations for creating a truly unique learning experience.”


Biomedical Sciences - From the lab to the marketplace 

From the lab to the marketplace is an enterprise module case study which focuses on enterprise teaching within Biomedical Sciences. Enterprise Educator Gemma Tandy worked alongside Head of 2nd Year Biomedical Science, Laura O'Neil to commercialise the existing module and work alongside employer partner Reckitt Benckiser.

See the full story here


Enterprise Awards

University of Birmingham are leading the way with curricular enterprise with three national awards:

AGCAS Award for Academic Engagement 2017
The University of Birmingham were awarded the AGCAS award for Academic Engagement for the 2nd Year Biomedical Sciences Module.

AGCAS award


HEFi Award for Educational Enhancement and Innovation 2017/18
Gemma Tandy won the HEFI award for 'Supporting Student Learning' at the University of Birmingham.

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NCEE National Enterprise Educator Awards - HE Team Enterprise Award
From the lab to the marketplace, Commercialising Science - Shortlisted and Highly Commended

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If you would like to contact our University of Birmingham Enterprise Educator Helen Hook, please email us at benterprising@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

Enterprise Partnerships

The University of Birmingham are members of Enterprise Educators UK:

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