How you can get involved

Develop Your Ideas

  • Up Our Street - Take social action, make a difference by getting involved in local community projects.
  • Company Treks - Get behind the scenes at great companies.
  • Boot Camp - An intensive and exciting 3 day boot camp solving big problems in teams to compete for a £1,000 prize fund.  In partnership with Virgin.

Make It Real

  • Ideas Fund - Take action on your ideas.  Apply for between £100 and £1,000 seed funding to try your idea out.
  • B Start-Up Programme - Make it real with this six-month guided programme that is structured and designed to test your business idea and get it to the market quicker, cheaper and more effectively.

Benefits for you

Being enterprising gives you a strong 'can-do' mind-set and makes you capable to handle anything that's thrown your way. Our world is becoming increasingly unpredictable and is changing quickly. Technological advances, globalisation, population rises, climate change, political and social unrest. By being enterprising, and by applying your knowledge and wider skills gained at Birmingham, you will develop skills in adaptability and resilience, skills which will help you in our ever changing economy. 

Even if you’re not planning on setting up your own business, getting involved in enterprising activities is a great way to boost your CV, gain new skills and meet new people. These are skills that can be transferred to your studies, your future employment and your daily life.

Skills, Attributes and Behaviours

The image below gives you an idea on the breadth of skills, attributes and behaviours which are linked to enterprise. How many of those can you relate to? Would you be able to confidently give examples of those during a job interview?  


Find the you, you want to be!

Being enterprising is highly valued by employers. You may have noticed that interview processes are increasingly focusing on candidates' personalities. No longer are they purely interested in your skills and competences to do the job. Instead, would you fit into their organisation? What did you do over the summer? And what could this imply about you?

Get in touch with us

The B-Enterprising Team at Birmingham provides curricular enterprise, extra-curricular enterprise and Start-Up support across all of the University’s five colleges. Enterprise is having ideas and making things happen.  We are all enterprising; students, academics, entrepreneurs, businesses, employers, societies……. all you need is motivation; we’ll help you with the rest.  Find out more about the B-Enterprising Team here or contact us by emailing