Accenture Boot Camp 2022

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Invent your way to winning part of a £2,000 Prize Pot!

1 - 8 April 2022

The Accenture Boot Camp is an intensive and exciting competition exclusive to University of Birmingham students. Have fun developing your enterprising skills by working on real-life business solutions all whilst gaining great experience for your CV, and networking with colleagues from Accenture. You will be given a tech challenge by Accenture, and work in a team of around 5 students to create a product to solve the challange. You will get to take part in tailored workshops, meet industry experts and learn how best to apply for grad jobs with Accenture.

You do not need to be a tech expert, or have any prior experience in technology/be studying a tech based degree - everyone is welcome, and all you will need will be taught during the Boot Camp.

Find out what it is like to work like an entrepreneur and develop a range of enterprise skills including; teamwork, project management, research, problem solving, ideas generation, leadership and pitching. Employers are looking for unique examples of how you can demonstate your skills on CVs and in interviews, don't miss this chance to stand out from the crowd! 

If you are interested in potentially securing a grad job with Accenture, this is a great way to create contacts and build relationships with the team before applying, and will look great on your application.

There will be three compulsory content days, and the rest of the Boot Camp will be independent study within your teams, and will be up to you as to when you work as a team.

The Boot Camp will take place virtually via Zoom.

Spaces are limited so apply as soon as possible!

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