B-Enterprising Boot Camp

Congratulations to Team 'Giving Joy' winners of the B-Enterprising Boot Camp 2018! Scroll down for more news...

An intensive and exciting 3 day weekend event exclusively for University of Birmingham students - start the day with a fun ice breaker, pick a challenge set by our guest employer and Careers Network, form teams and then work together during the team time sessions to create a winning formula before pitching on the final day for a chance to win cash prizes and consultancy project opportunities. 

What is the Boot Camp?

£1,000 prize available for the winning team!
Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur and solve business challenges over a weekend, during our Boot Camp. Whether you have a business idea or not, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn enterprise skills and work on challenges set by our guest partner. In 2018 our guest partner was Virgin Money.

Develop your ideas as a team and learn how to deliver a pitch to employers. This is a three day event giving you the opportunity to work on an idea from start to finish before presenting your idea on the final evening.  This is a great opportunity to work alongside UoB students from different subjects. Expect good humour, friendly rivalry, free refreshments (with Pizza included!) and expert advice from employers thrown into the mix. 

B-Enterprising Boot Camp 2018

How to Apply?

The B-Enterprising Boot Camp takes place at the University of Birmingham Edgbaston campus every November. Bookings for the Boot Camp are currently closed but will reopen at the start of academic year 2019/20. If you would like to express your interest in attending a future Boot Camp, please email us at benterprising@contacts.bham.ac.uk

Supporting 10,000 Lives

Careers Network is working in partnership with the Development & Alumni Relations Office to support the 10k Lives Appeal, which is a celebration of opportunities for 10,000 young people.  Your participation in this activity may be counted as part of the campaign. Your name and student ID number will be shared with DARO and further information about how they use your data can be found in their “Frequently asked questions” section.

Who can apply?

The B-Enterprising Boot Camp is open to all undergraduates, postgraduates and graduates of University of Birmingham.

You do not require a business idea to attend, please just bring yourselves. Careers Network also runs a B Start-Up Programme designed for anyone wishing to turn an idea into a registered business or social enterprise.

Hall of Fame - Previous winners

November 2018 - Team Giving Joy
Giving Joy won the Boot Camp with their innovative idea to create a fundraising project centred around 'pebble sharing' to raise awareness about mental health and tackle the problem of isolation through modern living. The team delivered their pitch to a record Boot Camp attendance with 117 participants making this our most popular Boot Camp to date. One of our participants even got support from Richard Branson himself via Twitter.

Congratulations to Salma Abdallah, Mengyi Yang, Ramyar Ahmed, Aiste Steponaviciene and Kamlesh Patel. 

See the full story and photos here

Boot Camp Winners

November 2017 - Team $mart Save
Team $mart Save came first in the B-Enterprising Boot Camp winning a team prize of £1,000.

Boot Camp 2017 winners

Team $mart Save - Blu McKenzie, Andreea Iordache, Kieran FItzgerald, Viviana Chong, Edhy Surbakty.

See the full story here on our B-Enterprising blog.  

February 2017 - Team Ulysses
Team Ulysses came out on top with an innovative idea to help International students arriving at University for the first time. 

Boot Camp Winners Feb 2017

Team Ulysses - Katie Fleming, Michelle Mityluna, Oreoluwa Adelegan, Zhehao Lu, Mario Saad.

Mario Saad created a YouTube video to show their journey through the Boot Camp programme. See his video here.

Team Ulysses win Boot Camp blog

February 2016 - Team Four:

57 University of Birmingham students attended our first ever Boot Camp in February 2016. IBM and Virgin Start-Up set the challenges and 'Team Four' were crowned eventual winners with an app idea to solve overcrowding on trains.

Boot Camp November 2016 Participants

Team Four: Komlan Adjigble, Zilvinas Cesulius, Dominic Jackson, Oleksii Koval, Nina Ma, David Rusizana  


Katie Fleming

Katie Fleming

BA Social Policy Graduate

“The Boot Camp is up there with one of my favourite university experiences. Even after the Boot Camp quite a few of the other students have reached out to us which is an amazing feeling and great for strengthening the student enterprising community.”