Build Your Own Business Website


Discover how to boost your online presence and build a business website from scratch.

22 April 14:00-15:15

As a start-up or small business, a strong website can help you build brand awareness, engage potential customers, and increase sales. However, you do not need to have a business, or even a business idea to attend. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by adding these sought after entrepreneurial skills to your CV!

We will take you through a roadmap of steps to building a business website, from preparation to launch, and optimising for success. We'll also get hands-on with a website builder with opportunity in the workshop to start building a site.

In this 1hr 15min session you will learn:

  • The importance of your web presence
  • Key components to a website
  • Step-by-step roadmap to creating your website
  • How to get hands-on with a website builder

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