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Welcome to Project Anse La Raye, a unique Bootcamp experience brought to you by UoB and Caribbean Elective. Be in the chance to win a trip St Lucia and really make a difference!

Anse La Raye is a developing community on the west coast of the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. It’s a deeply special place bursting with vibrancy, culture, and history. A true gem yet to be discovered by the wider world. However, despite the town appearing to the naked eye an idyllic and traditional Caribbean fishing community, you only need to scratch the surface a little to discover that this is a community that faces many challenges. Many of its residents struggle day-to-day - with income and jobs hard to come by, increasing poverty is clear to see. Impacts of the modern world and environmental change have seen the town's historical fishing economy slowly disappearing, adding to the challenges facing this special community. 

During 4 days of Bootcamp in your groups, you will be tasked with creating innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the community of Anse La Raye. Each group will tackle a specific project brief; using the evidence provided in your groups, you will come up with your own interpretation of the issue before designing your own unique solutions. On the final day of the Bootcamp, you will compete against other groups from the Bootcamp to see who will get to present their solutions at the national final against winning groups from other universities. 

Skills workshops throughout the Bootcamp will support the work you’ll be doing and help you develop new skills. Topics will include Innovation techniques, Community Engagement and Public Speaking. 

Apply today for your place on Project Anse La Raye! It might be your creative thinking that helps make somebody else's world a better place.

The Boot Camp will take place from 12-19 November. You will have three days of skills workshops, followed by independent study to work in your teams before the final on 19 November. The closing date for applications is 7 November - don't miss your chance!

This opportunity is open EXCLUSIVELY to Widening Participation & A2B students!

The 5 Project Briefs

1. Pioneering Local Governance

Crafting a new political landscape for Anse La Raye: Students are tasked to create a new local governance system for Anse La Raye which can manage new demands on the area and support growth going forward. In Saint Lucia the vast majority of the country is governed from central government, with only those areas of significant economical importance also having devolved powers to local government. Currently Anse La Raye does not have any form of local governance, only a parliamentary representative: Hon. Dominic Fedee. However, with the new investment in the area, Anse La Raye is expected to become a significant area of economic activity and so requires its own local governance. Students should study the political infrastructure of Saint Lucia and understand the existing make-up of local governance. They should also research other forms of local governance globally and identify areas of improvement for Saint Lucia’s devolved administrations. By the end of the bootcamp students should have prepared the core framework of a local governance system tailored for Anse La Raye along with a proposal to central Government which includes the benefits of implementing such a system for the community. The proposal should include evidence and reasonable projections. Without this integral system being implemented the whole Anse La Raye project could collapse.

2. Tell Their Story

From colonial settlement to Saint Lucia’s capital of culture: Students have the important task of preserving the history of Anse La Raye and telling its story to both its community and visitors. Anse La Raye represents what is often considered so unique and special about the Caribbean region. This deeply historical and culturally alive town has for too long fallen short of promoting its identity. In their group, students will first need to investigate as far as possible the story of Anse La Raye. They will be provided with a wide range of historical sources and evidence to aid them in this but they should also conduct their own research. After piecing together the history of the area, students should then consider how they can tell this story to both the community and tourists. By the end of the bootcamp students should have designed their own creative solutions and be able to present them to the panel. This could include tours, landmarks, historical trails, interactive events, exhibitions, museums or more.

3. Empowering a Community

Giving local people the knowledge and skills for the future Students will take on the challenge of preparing the community for the ‘new’ Anse La Raye. Ensuring locals have all the skills and knowledge they will need to take advantage of growth. This project is integral to the overall success of the Anse La Raye Project. It is vitally important to us that it’s the people of Anse La Raye that feel the positive impact from? the areas of growth. They should grow simultaneously with the area. Therefore, we have recognised the need to give local people education, training and support in key areas such as entrepreneurship, sales, customer service, and hospitality. In their group the students will take on the task of creating these training courses and their content, ensuring that they are accessible to all abilities and members of the community. Students should also consider the logistics of how the courses can be delivered and what the impact will be if they are successful. By the end of the bootcamp students should be able to present their complete plan. In the future there may also exciting potential for students themselves to travel to the Caribbean to deliver these courses.

4. Showcasing Caribbean Culture

Crafting a new platform for creative arts in Saint Lucia Students will be tasked with creating a new weekly event to be held in Anse La Raye. The event should be a celebration of Caribbean culture and showcase the very best of Saint Lucia's creative arts scene to visitors. We believe Anse La Raye should be known as Saint Lucia’s cultural beating heart, and visiting should be a once in a lifetime experience for tourists. It is then, the natural place for the very best of Saint Lucia’s creatives to promote their work. Whether that be through art, music, food, design or anything else. In their group students should design every aspect of this new event, from logistical planning, to branding and recruitment of creatives to transport. Students should give careful consideration to how the event will become an unforgettable experience for visitors and positively impact those who exhibit and sell. It has the potential to become a hugely exciting event and iconic across the entire Caribbean.

5. Anse La Raye, The Bay of Rays

Preserve and develop an extraordinary ecosystem Students will be tasked with creating a plan to protect the stunning natural and marine environment of Anse La Raye. The marine ecosystem of Anse La Raye has particular importance to the community. Historically and in the present day, fishing has been a key part of the areas economy, and every Friday night the town hosts a fish fry celebrating this. The town is, after all, named after its “Bay of Rays”. The ecosystem faces a number of challenges which include poor water quality and purity as well as difficulties within the river system of the area. With the support of our resident marine biologist, students will work to create a range of solutions. After research, studying of evidence provided and familiarising themselves with the challenges faced, the students should innovate ideas for filtration systems and purification on a low budget which can be realistically implemented. Students should have also considered tourism in their plan, a more vibrant marine ecosystem could attract lucrative diving tourism to the area. By the end of the the bootcamp students should be able to present their complete action plan to the panel, and will have assessed the social and economic impact of their plan if it is to be successful.

How to Apply

This is a targeted initiative in collaboration with the Office for Students, and is aimed to welcome students who meet certain characteristics to ensure equality. The event is invitation only, and you should have received an invitation to your email. If you haven't, and you'd like to see if you are eligible, enter your details on the below form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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