Start-Up Internships

Are you interested in developing enterprising skills? Do you want to work in a small organisation and make a huge impact? Or perhaps you have your own start-up aspirations and want to gain insight and contribute to another start-up?

Apply for a Start-UP Internship


The University of Birmingham is working with start-ups based in a number of innovation, research and creative hubs to create internship opportunities for students. This start-up internship programme provides students with the opportunity to help shape and deliver the strategic plans of some of the most innovative start-ups across the Midlands, giving you the chance to apply the knowledge you have built during your studies, and experience the excitement of working with a start-up business.

The internships are open to all students at The University of Birmingham (undergraduates and postgraduates). 

Current opportunities

All vacancies for 2017-18 have now been filled. There will be more Start-Up Internship opportunities advertised here from September 2018. 

Past opportunities 

  • Account Manager Internship – Popcorn
  • Block chain Developer Internship – Rough Terrain, deadline Sunday 17 June (PDF - 159KB)
  • Block Chain Food Traceability Internship – British Trade Solutions
  • Business Developer - Crazy Gin Ltd
  • Business Writer – St Pauls Marketing
  • Computer Science Analyst Internship - DesignO
  • Creative Writer Internship -Crazy Gin Ltd
  • Database Internship – ConnectFutures
  • Designer Internship - Crazy Gin Ltd
  • Digital Marketing Internship – Sport 4 Life
  • Energy Storage Disruptor – Aceleron
  • Finance Assistant – Vittoria Enterprises Ltd
  • GDPR Internship – Popcorn
  • HubSpot Marketing Analysis Internship – Move it or Lose it Ltd
  • Impact Research Analyst Internship – Move it or Lose it Ltd
  • Market Research Intern - Serviceteam IT
  • Junior Developer Internship – Rough Terrain
  • Junior Web Developer Internship – Destructive Digital
  • Market Development Internship - Contented
  • Market Research Internship - SCIMR Ltd
  • Market Research Intern - Serviceteam IT
  • Marketing Analysis Internship - SCIMR Ltd
  • Marketing Assistant Internship – Rough Terrain
  • Marketing Assistant Internship – Vittoria Enterprises Ltd
  • Marketing Communications Plan Internship – Comfyse Ltd
  • Marketing Internship - Credex
  • Marketing Internship – EarHugz
  • Marketing Internship – Pink Leopard
  • Marketing Internship (Schools & Further Education) – ConnectFutures
  • Marketing Internship – Genesis Innovations
  • Social Media/Marketing Internship – Sociability Care CIC
  • Marketing/Social Media Internship – Tapes Limited
  • Operations Assistant Internship  - Limitless Travel
  • Product Innovation Internship – Genesis Innovations
  • Sales/Business Internship – SCIMR Ltd
  • Social Media/Blogger Internship – Crazy Gin Ltd
  • Social Media / Marketing Internship – Blenheim Watch Limited
  • Social Media & Marketing Internship - Fitzjohn Skin Care
  • Software Developer Internship – Bisc Tech Ltd
  • Sports Marketing Students Internship – Dadsvdads
  • Trainee Lifestyle and Performance Coach - Motus Training
  • Travel Advisor Internship – Limitless Travel
  • Video Production Internship – Popcorn
  • Web Design Intern – Avid Panda
  • Web Developer Internship – Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Register for new opportunities

More internship opportunities are to become available soon, which will take place over the summer vacation period. If you want to receive an alert for when these opportunities become available, register your interest below. 


Former intern

Economics student

“This internship has given me more of an insight into what needs to be done in terms of setting up a business and because of this opportunity I would I say I feel more confident if I was to go and do that.”


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