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Students, charities need you!
Gain extra qualifications for your CV, help a worthy charity, learn new skills and network with businesses all during one brilliant event run by the B-Enterprising Team.

We are looking for our most committed students to work with two of the biggest e-commerce and digital marketing companies out there to help charities overcome the negative effects of COVID-19. One sure-fire way of growing customers is by moving a business online, and we want you to do just that.

Working closely with an allocated charity, get a Shopify E-Commerce and a Facebook Digital Marketing Certification by helping a not-for-profit business step into the world of online trading. Read more below and find out what you will learn from each business...

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Walk away with a Shopify Customer Builder Badge Certification by learning how to:

  • Build a fully functioning store, customise the layout
  • Create a high customer experience level
  • Communicate with clients about products
  • Create and promote the brand's messaging
  • Carry out sales, apply discount codes, and authorise returns
  • Marketing and promotion of the products



Also... gain a Facebook BluePrint Qualification and become a Facebook Digital Marketing Associate by learning how to:

  • Advertise on the Facebook-owned apps (Facebook, Instagram and Messenger)
  • Create eye-catching advertisements
  • Learn how to use paid apps and get free credits to use in this event
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Spaces are limited for this fantastic opportunity! To apply for this event, please complete the below application form before 9 October 2021. We want to see your enthusiasm to take part in the event in your application.

The project will run from October-December 2021. However, there will only be two compulsory sessions (which will be recorded if you have an academic clash). The sessions will be Friday 15 October 14:00 and Monday 18 October 9:30-11:30. The rest of the work will be completed in groups of 5-7 students, so you can work independently whenever your group chooses to do so.

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