'We Can' - B-Enterprising blog opportunity

‘We Can’ is a Blog and video-post opportunity for you to showcase to the world that University of Birmingham students’ make things happen. It’s also a way of boosting your online blueprint, recording your accomplishment. Have your story published here.


The Student PR Team created a student-centred blog back in 2015, promoting the enterprising activities undertaken by University of Birmingham students to raise our local, national and international profile. Already we have c.7000 page views per month from across the UK and even the USA.  Now we want to give you this great opportunity - to write and publish your enterprising story. 

All entries will be published (subject to editorial check), enabling you to add to the collection of stories that prove we are enterprising here at UoB.

 Why should you contribute?

We want to be known as the University that acts on ideas and thoughts. We do more than study. Through our thoughts, feelings and actions, we try to make a positive difference to benefit our peers, other students, staff, communities, organisations and other individual lives.  Right now, we need to create and build upon our own online student platform, telling our stories to get national and international recognition for our collective talents, interests and passions.

Being enterprising does not mean starting a business. Being enterprising is related to your character. We are all enterprising, though may not realise it yet.

 Enterprising behaviours

  • Using initiative to turn an idea into action
  • Spotting and taking opportunities for the idea to happen  
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Seeing things through (doesn’t just start things)
  • Using judgment to take calculated risks
  • Reflecting (to increase learning)
  • Taking responsibility
  • Communicating ideas and info to others
  • Networking effectively.

Source: QAA, 2012

So, help the Student PR team make the world recognise your aptitude for enterprise! Because here at the University of Birmingham, ‘We Can’.

 Creating your blog or video post

  • Write a short article (max 250 words) or a short video (under 3 minutes long), bringing your experience to life. It can be individual or something you have initiated in a team.
  • The aim is to not just describe what you did, but tell the viewer how the passion, the interest, the idea was sparked.  We would like to see evidence of reflection, to make the story more emotional and engaging.
  • The goal is to gain the viewer’s interest, so that they are inspired and want to action something that they’ve been wanting to do for a while – but didn’t have the confidence to initiate it.
  • You can apply more than once, but the story must be different or an extension of what you created.

All stories and videos will be reviewed by the University’s Student PR Team and Careers Network colleagues for editorial checking. Those passing this process, will be given a publishing date. An email will be sent to you, with the date in which your work will be published. Entries will be placed on the B-Enterprising Blog.

 Tips and Guidance

Your story can be about any form of experience that you have untaken on your own, leading a team or as a member of a team. Work related (e.g. what you have created during a placement, an internship or ideas that you acted on in part-time work for example as a bar attendant);

  • Voluntary experience, where you have spotted an opportunity to create positive change
  • Business start-up
  • Student society or group involvement
  • Opportunities created as a result of your curricular and co-curricular studies
  • Please provide photographs so we can add this to our B-Enterprising blog

If you have any problems uploading your story on the above link, please feel free to email us at benterprising@contacts.bham.ac.uk.