is revolutionising ‘A/B testing’ – a way of improving businesses’ websites by giving an insight into visitors’ behaviour and showing which changes will most improve conversion rates.

This form of testing is useful for companies who want to continually improve their website, however it is usually time-consuming and with the risk of misleading statistics. Myna uses a clever algorithm to learn as it tests – quickly showing what works and what doesn’t, and adjusting the website in real time.

Noel's view

I had always been interested in businesses and had been running a consultancy in any spare time I had from my PhD, so it seemed ideal to get additional training when it became available. I hoped it would give me better skills around winning work and talking to customers, and the communication training and networking events were both excellent for that.

The idea for Myna came out of my PhD and I set it up together with Dave Gurnell. We initially offered a free service but have recently started billing, which is exciting, and have a growing base of clients including Air Asia Expedia. We have also taken on our first member of staff, Lauren, and will look to take our model to the mass market in the future.

It’s great that the University runs the Talent Pool, as a lot of PhD students don’t know how well placed they are to go into business. The programme shows how to take the skills you have and apply them within your own industry, plus builds the confidence to tackle the world outside of academia.

I use the skills I developed through Talent Pool all the time, and would definitely recommend it to others. It will round out your PhD to show how you can go beyond your technical expertise, and it’s also good fun.

Main activities


  • Formed a limited company
  • Developed a website
  • Moved from a free service to a paid service
  • Expanded client base to include major businesses such as Asia Expedia
  • Established in Birmingham to support local enterprise and regional economy
  • Used social media to form strong and valuable user community

The future

We are not trying to massively grow our customer numbers right now and are instead focusing on our mobile offering to get that right. We are proud to be generating revenue and have good interest from more potential customers, and will look to take our business to the mass market in the future.