About The Birmingham Project

The Birmingham Project offers a unique opportunity for first year undergraduate students; working with employers on a collaborative group project you will enhance your skills, discover your strengths and develop your confidence.

With support from academic staff and employer partners, students will create a digital resource (e.g. website, blog, video, mobile phone app) in response to a challenge.

Examples of themes and challenges

Challenges have previously included the following broad themes:

Example of themes and challenges
 Theme Challenge
 Celebrating Culture  e.g. "Do people care about public art?"
 Designing the Future of Transport  e.g. "What role will driverless cars play in the future of transport?"
 Developing Community  e.g. "How can we make a fair trade campus?"
 Exploring Technology and Innovation  e.g. "How can technology assist the vulnerable in society?"
 Shaping Global Society  e.g. "Is preventing crime more important than preserving personal privacy?"
 Responsible Business e.g.  "How can we reduce plastic waste in Birmingham?"

The Birmingham Project is assessed through a group presentation (50%) and a peer evaluation (50%). The online resource created by the groups is not assessed. Please read The Birmingham Project assessment page for more information.

On the final day, all groups will deliver a presentation about their project in the morning and there will be an awards event in the afternoon to celebrate the achievements of all participants.

One group from each theme will be awarded a prize by the employer partners. Each winning group will be selected by a panel who consider their idea, digital resource and presentation delivery.

When does the project take place?

The Birmingham Project 2019/20 will take place during the final two weeks of summer term, from Monday 08 - Friday 19 June 2020 (excluding the weekend). N.B. Participants will be required to attend campus every weekday, 9:00 - 17:00, during this two week period in order to work on their project.

Who supports the project?

This is a student-led project with support from University of Birmingham Academics, Professional Services staff and Teaching Assistants (TA), as well as involvement from several Birmingham Project employer partners. During the two weeks of the project, a variety of bespoke workshops will be scheduled to provide groups with the necessary skills to complete their project. Find out how you will benefit from taking part in The Birmingham Project.

Who can participate?

Any first year undergraduate student, from any course, can participate in The Birmingham Project, including Erasmus students. N.B. Only Birmingham campus students can participate. 

How can I enrol?

You can enrol on the Birmingham Project now, by completing The Birmingham Project enrolment form.

Enrolment deadline is Friday 14 February 2020.


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