The Birmingham Project - Assessment

Students who participate in The Birmingham Project will be assessed to ensure their hard work and commitment can be formally recognised.

The assessment will determine whether or not you successfully complete The Birmingham Project. Please be aware that the programme does not bear any credits and therefore will not contribute towards an individual’s degree classification.

Find out how you'll be recognised for taking part in The Birmingham Project by visiting our 'Benefits for you' page. 

Assessment elements

The assessment for The Birmingham Project is made up of the following elements.

Peer evaluation (50%)

All participants will grade their peer's performance against a number of qualities demonstrated during the project fortnight, such as; creativity, work ethic, innovation, communication, team work, punctuality, organisation and efficiency. Participants will also complete a self-evaluation as part of this assessment which will involve grading their own performance against the same criteria (the grades participants give themselves will not contribute towards the overall mark).

Group presentation (50%)

The group presentation will be a key event at the end of the two weeks. All groups will present their project to their peers and a panel of judges made up of project Theme Leads, Challenge Leads and Employer Partner representatives.

The judging panels will use judging criteria provided by The Birmingham Project Team to maintain consistency across all Themes. Presentations will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Analysis, evaluation, and reflective practice
  • Organisation and structure
  • Presentation skills
  • Supporting materials and/or visuals


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