How will I benefit from The Birmingham Project?

The Birmingham Project offers an amazing opportunity for first year undergraduate students to get a head start in developing their skills, and to get involved in something completely different at University. 

Don't wait until the second or third year of your degree to think about your employability - get ahead now! Here are just a few ways you will benefit from the project:

Skill development

The project allows you to get a head start developing your skills through various training sessions, assistance from your TA and academic lead and, of course, through your determination to succeed. 

These are just a few of the skills we expect you to develop during the two weeks and beyond:

  • Research: learn about how to conduct research effectively, limitations to conducting research and ethical considerations.

  • Project management: being able to scope your project, ensure it is feasible and manage your time effectively.

  • Team building: work collaboratively as a team, diffuse conflict, make the most of the team's strengths. 

  • Communication: arrange regular group meetings, liaise with external representatives, delegate tasks clearly and ensure each member of the group is aware of their role in the project.

  • Innovation: think about new ways to resolve problems and create something different and unique. 

The project is a great way to find yourself and gain confidence in your weaker skills, as well as giving you an opportunity to discover and demonstrate your strengths. 

Enhanced transcript, certificate and Personal Skills Award (PSA)

Transcript and certificate

You will be formally acknowledged for participating in The Birmingham Project on your official University transcript, with a non-credit bearing pass/fail mark (see assessment page for more information). Holding an additional University of Birmingham module is a great way to add to your CV and it will ensure you have formal proof of your engagement in extra-curricular activities.

You will also receive a certificate for completing the project.

Personal Skills Award (PSA)

You can now gain 70 PSA points (activity pathway) for completing The Birmingham Project. Available only to students completing The Birmingham Project in 2017/18 onwards.


Meet new people

One of the key aims of The Birmingham Project is for students from all different course disciplines to meet and share their ideas and different ways of thinking. 

The project is a great way to meet new people, make friends and develop your networking skills outside of your usual social circles. 

Be recognised by employers

We work very closely with some top graduate employers to ensure that students involved in The Birmingham Project are able to gain advice and insight about their future. Our partners will provide some bespoke events and training sessions, as well as award prizes for the best presentations.

Getting involved in an initiative which is supported by external organisations is a great way to get your name known. You will have an opportunity to speak directly to the organisations that you may be interested in having a career with in the future.

Find out more about our external partners.

Use your time effectively

The project takes place during the final two weeks of the summer term, after the main summer exam period. This allows you to participate in something completely different without it conflicting with your studies, whilst also gaining invaluable skills and experience. Time works best when it's used effectively!

The Birmingham Project 2019/20 will take place from Monday 8 June - Friday 19 June 2020 (excluding weekends).