Digital outputs 2014-15

Our 'Building Local Community' theme was supported by KPMG. Challenge titles included "How can business and education combine to encourage social mobility in Birmingham?", "How can business better support the health and wellbeing of their employees?", "What will our University look like in the future?" and "How do the Arts contribute to local prosperity and wellbeing?"


Our 'Designing the Future of Transport' theme was supported by Jaguar Land Rover. Challenge titles included "How can we make car ownership more affordable and sustainable?", "What makes people buy cars?", "Why do people travel and how does that affect their choice of transport?" and "How can we integrate the car into a city’s other transport systems?"


Our 'Innovation for a Smarter Planet' theme was supported by IBM. Challenge titles included "How can technology preserve our history?", "How does sustainability shape technological innovation?", "Is technology a threat to world security?" and "How can technology help us engage with the arts?"



Our 'Shaping Global Society' theme was supported by PwC. Challenge titles included "Does big business have a social responsibility?", "Can money buy you happiness?", "How can we make the world a better place?" and "What do women bring to business leadership?"



All presented materials and outputs are used under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence (also known as a CC-BY-NC licence). This licence enables the University to use those materials and outputs for non-commercial purposes while recognising the group members as the authors and owners.  Full details of this licence are available via


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