Designing the Future of Transport 1B

  • Theme: Designing the Future of Transport
  • Challenge title: How can we make active travel work in the West Midlands?
  • Group: 1B

This group identified a number of benefits to active travel, from personal benefits relating to health, to environmental benefits relating to the emission of greenhouse gases. Their research showed that most people’s travel habits tend towards private and inactive methods of travel, and this reflects the fact that in the West Midlands, the number of households owning a car is projected to keep rising.

The group’s solution is Tranplan, an app integrating a number of features aimed at promoting active travel and changing people’s long-term travel habits. The app includes features allowing uses to plan their route and check the weather; set personal active travel goals for themselves; purchase tickets; upload photographs and ratings of different routes; and interact with family and friends, making Tranplan a social experience. The app also motivates its users by offering rewards, such as badges in-app, and discounts and offers that can be applied outside the app.


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