Digital outputs 2016-17

Our 'Celebrating Culture' theme was supported by Culture Central and CIMA. Challenge titles included "Do people care about public art in Birmingham?", "How can we bring new audiences to the arts in Birmingham?", "Can culture change the world?" and "How can film and media change perceptions of Birmingham?"



Our 'Designing the Future of Transport' theme was supported by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and Birmingham Connected. Challenge titles included "How can we make active travel work in the West Midlands?", "How can we make our transport system sustainable for the future?", "How can Clean Air Zones radically change our travel behaviour and transform our cities?" and "What role will driverless cars play in the future of transport?"


Our 'Developing Health and Community' theme was supported by KPMG. Challenge titles included "How can we make an "ethical campus"?", "How can we make our healthcare system fairer for all?", "How can we make a "healthy campus"?" and "How can we help communities become dementia friendly?"


Our 'Exploring Technology and Innovation' theme was supported by IBM. Challenge titles included "How can we defend against "fake news"?", "How can technology revive high streets?", "How can technology support personalised medicine?" and "How can technology be used as a force for good?"



Our 'Shaping Global Society" theme was supported by PwC. Challenge titles included "How can a good work-life balance make us more productive?", "Is preventing crime more important than preserving personal privacy?", "How can the United Nations engage more effectively?" and "How can we achieve gender balance in the boardroom?"


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