Digital Outputs 2017-18

Our 'Celebrating Culture' theme was supported by Culture Central and CIMA. Challenge titles included "Do people care about public art in Birmingham?", "How can film and media change perceptions of Birmingham?", and "How can we use cultural heritage to enhance the image of Birmingham?"



Our 'Designing the Future of Transport' theme was supported by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and ‘Alzheimer’s Society” (Check). Challenge titles included "How can we develop a Vision for Future Transport which creates Cities for People, not Cars?", " How can transport be used to encourage a healthy region?", “How can we create a dementia friendly transport system?”

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How can we develop a Vision for Future Transport which creates Cities for People, not Cars?



Our 'Developing Health and Community' theme was supported by KPMG. Challenge titles included "How can we make a Fair Trade campus?", "How can we make a "healthy campus"?" and "How can we make a green campus?"




Our 'Exploring Technology and Innovation' theme was supported by IBM. Challenge titles included "How can artificial intelligence be used for the good of society?”, “How can Social media support local businesses in Birmingham?", and "How can technology assist the aging society?" 



Our 'Shaping Global Society' theme was supported by PwC. Challenge titles included "How can we encourage more young women to aspire to leadership?”, “How can we engage citizens in local decision making?", "How can technology be used as a tool for reducing loneliness?"



Our 'Responsible business' theme was supported by Lloyds Banking Group. Challenge titles included "How can social media be used to tackle problem of unsustainable business practices?", "How can we reduce food waste in Birmingham?", "How can consumers take account of a product’s carbon footprint in their purchase decisions?"



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