First steps

Use our career action plan template

You will get the most out of these pages if you use them with our career action plan template. Each webpage will help you fill in a specific area of the plan by identifying actions that will further your career goals.

Choose where to start

Use the career development path below to start thinking about where you are in the career planning process:

Five stages of career development - equivalent information in following text

  • I've got no ideas about what to do next
    The activities in all about you and what are your priorities will give you some ideas for a career. 
  • I've got ideas but haven't started to research them
    Activities in explore your options will help you research the careers that interest you. You might also want to check your ideas against your priorities
  • I've started to find out about careers that interest me
    You can keep exploring your options to check that you have considered the full range of careers that might interest you. Then check out some career strategies to help plan your next step.
  • I've started to look for jobs that interest me but haven't made a final decision
    The career strategies section will help you take action to get ahead in the job market.
  • I've researched my ideas and have a definite plan
    Well done! Use the activities in reflect on your experiences to learn from the career planning process and to review your plan regularly.


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