Reflect on your experiences

  • What do you need to do next?
  • What help can you get to reflect on your achievements and discuss next step strategies?

Review your action plan

If you build in a regular review of how your career action planning is going, you will ensure that you stay on track and you are making good use of your time. It’s likely that through your actions and experience you may wish to change direction or try something new. Particularly in the current economic climate and jobs market it is important to be open to new and not necessarily planned-for opportunities.

Useful questions for review and reflection

  • What is working well?
  • What could you do differently?
  • What changes can you make to your plan?
  • What help do you require?

Feedback from others

As well as self-reflection, it will be of great benefit if you get help from a mentor, careers advisor, or a fellow student to help you review progress towards your goal. Feedback from employers, careers staff, mentors and your fellow students is a great way to help you reflect on what is working well in your action plan and where you can make changes. Make sure that you learn from feedback in a positive way, for example, if you are sending off applications without success, get specific feedback from employers so that you can address the points in future applications.

Skills check

Review your skill set over time. What skills are employers looking for? Are you communicating those skills effectively? Do you need further training in some skills to make yourself a stronger candidate? Have your personal circumstances changed? Does this have an impact on your action plan?

Recruitment process check

If you are at the applications stage in your action plan, make sure you reflect and learn from the process. For example, if you send off a CV and don’t get an interview, how can you improve your CV for future success? If you attend an interview but don’t get the job, make sure you ask for feedback. Above all, use the feedback in a positive way, and get a support network to ensure you keep your motivation high.

For further support with CVs, applications and interviews, make an appointment to see an Applications Adviser.


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