Impact Challenge - Ayesha Islam

Impact Challenge
Theology & Religion

What was your main task on the Impact Challenge?

Our group worked with the Chinese Community Centre to help them find out how effective their centre is to the people. We had to take into consideration the illiteracy level, how well some elderly respond, etc.

Why did you apply to the Impact Challenge?

The Impact Challenge sounded very different to what I would usually apply to, as I don’t have much business-related knowledge. But the Impact Challenge allowed any students regardless of experience to enrol.

How will the experience help you for the future?

I have gained confidence into exploring my career choice and my ability to communicate. Although my main aim is to become a teacher alongside charity and welfare supporter, I am open to new experiences.

How have you developed your skills through taking part in the Impact Challenge?

Team work was the biggest skill I improved on, and my group was given a mentor award for this. Furthermore, initially I was worried about presenting to an audience bigger than usual classroom but through the week, playing bingo and building connections with nearly everyone, I didn’t feel nervous during the presentation.


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