Mastering your Global Career: Getting started - CANCELLED

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 (13:00-15:00)
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This certificate programme for International Masters Students supports your job search and career progression with skills development, global job market information and employer related events. It is ideal for those who want to gain recognition for and develop their employability skills through a range of extra-curricular opportunities and receive a Careers Network certificate on completion. Please note that you will not be able to participate in this course if you are a postgraduate student studying at the Business School. Your careers services will instead be offered by Careers in Business. They run a similar scheme called Future Leaders. Please contact them for more information.  

Event objectives:

By the end of this session you will:

  • Be aware of the MYGC programme and what it entails
  • Have registered with the MYGC Canvas course
  • Identified some of the events you will attend and be confident to: Demonstrate developed skills and confidence for networking; Build your CV with UK employer related experience; Develop your professional network; Get work related experience through a business project; Reflect on your skills and experiences to help prepare you for future career success. 


We try to make all our events accessible; however we are aware that this is not always the case. If you have additional requirements or concerns about accessing a workshop, please click here to advise us and a member of Careers Network will get back to you as soon as possible.

Postgraduate Students in the Business School - If you are a postgraduate student in the Business School, please note that you can participate in the events that have been specifically designed for you by your Careers in Business team. Please contact Careers in Business on Tel: 0121 415 8012, email