Got the job? Next steps

Congratulations! If you have been offered a job then your hard work and effort in preparing your CV or for interview has paid off. Now you can look forward to starting a new job and focus on making plans for your future career. This page takes you through the process from being offered a job to accepting the offer.    

Offer of employment  

An offer of employment may take two forms:   

  • Verbal   
  • Formal   

Regardless of the form of the offer, by making an offer to an employee, the employer is creating a legal and binding contract with the employee, and caution should be exercised before saying yes. Find out more information about:   

Decision making

It is recommended that as a potential employee you examine carefully what is being offered by the employer, not purely the salary you will earn but other additional and valuable perks.   

You may want to consider verifying with your relevant professional body for your industry whether or not the terms of your offer accords with industry norms for such a role.   

Multiple offers

It is usual for students or graduates to be applying for more than one role at any one time in the pursuit of their ‘dream job’ after graduation.   

A useful tip is to draw up a table to compare the roles, their responsibilities, benefits, etc. 

Industry variations

Different sectors of industry may have varying protocols in accepting offers of employment. It is worthwhile seeking further advice from your careers service, the careers section of a relevant professional body, training organisation or trade union for the role or sector of industry you are planning to enter.   


With some sectors of industry, eg creative arts and media, where competition is fierce for limited entry roles for graduates, there may be little opportunity for negotiation. Indeed, to get your foot in the door in this sector you may only be working for the minimum wage, in a relatively menial role.   

The main opportunities for negotiation may exist during or more likely at the end of the graduate training scheme, when you have hopefully amassed extensive skills and qualities during your employment as evidence to your employer of your abilities and encourage their willingness to retain you and reward you handsomely!

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